Main Street Pedestrian Project Schedule

Staff continues to plan behind the scenes for the upcoming sidewalk installations which will also include curb and gutter. Preliminary estimates are for the project to start in conjunction with the CDOT 2019 repaving project.


August 2019




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Below is the schedule for planning, grant writing and construction for the project.

NOV 2016

Town notified of successful TAP grant application for construction--$1,200,000

NOV 2016

CDOT reaffirms town will receive $340,000 in RPP monies

JUNE 2017

Final plans submitted to CDOT

June 2017

CDOT and Town agree to jointly plan, bid and construct projects. CDOT repaving from Dowd Junction to Maloit Park Rd. Town for curb, gutter, sidewalk and storm sewer in South Minturn.

AUG 2017

Both CDOT and Town begin right of way and temporary easement acquisitions.

DEC 2017

Town applies for DOLA grant of $1,000,000 to leverage funds and expand project.

APR 2018

Town learns of any DOLA grant award.

JUNE 2018

Plans of CDOT and Town consolidated for joint bidding and construction.

DEC 2018

Plans released for bidding project.

MAY 13, 2019

Construction begins


February 2019 Update

December 2016 Update


Decisions by Town Council at the July 6, 2016 Town Council Meeting. Sidewalk continuity to be maintained in Minturn from the 100 Block to the Boneyard Open Space:

  • Meek Ave to Mann Ave
    • East side: Varies 5’ to 8’ sidewalk, no on-street parking
    • West side: 5’ sidewalk, 8’ parallel parking where available
  • Mann Ave to Cemetery Rd:
    • East side: 5’ sidewalk, no on-street parking
    • West side: 5’ sidewalk, 4’ shoulder, no on-street parking
  • Cemetery Rd to Boneyard Open Space:
    • East and west side the same: 6’ sidewalk, 8’ parallel parking where available

Residents of Minturn have repeatedly expressed through committees, master planning, public comments, Planning Commission meetings and Council meetings, the desire for the town to provide a safe modem of transportation for pedestrians of all ages, especially along areas of Main Street (HWY 24) where no sidewalk, curb, path or shoulder exists for children walking to the school bus stop or families trying to get to Little Beach Park (as examples).

The Main Street Pedestrian Planning (engineering) project is the first action step in the process to meet this public need. Minturn has received a Transportation Alternative Program grant through the Federal Government, to engineer a set of plans for what the extension of sidewalks/paths might look like on Main Street to Maloit Park Road. Minturn then intends to use these engineered plans to apply for grants to assist the funding of constructing such infrastructure. Through a competitive process, the town has hired Stolfus & Associates to be the lead engineer for the project. Stolfus is an engineering firm which specializes in transportation projects.

Property owners on Main Street are welcomed and encouraged to sign up for one-on-one meeting with engineers and town staff to discuss the project in more details and ask property-specific questions. Call Michelle Metteer at 970-827-5645 x2 or send an email to: to schedule a meeting either Wednesday, June 29 or Thursday, June 30.

Thank you for your commitment to the community.
Town of Minturn




Dates & locations may be subject to change. Please check back often or stop by Town Hall for the most up to date information.

June 1, 2016

Town Council preliminary plan review

June 7, 2016

Open House #1 for public review / All preliminary maps will be available at the June 7 open house

June 8, 2016

All preliminary maps will be available at this website for review

June 29 & 30, 2016

One on One meetings with South Minturn property owners

Dec 7, 2016

Town Council Preliminary Plans Presentation

Dec 8, 2016

Open House #2 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Minturn Town Hall


One on One meetings scheduled with select homeowners