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Ordinances & Resolutions 2019


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  • Ordinance NO. 1-2019- An Ordinance amending Chapter 16, Article 21 and 23 to provide for the discontinuance of the Land Use Application reviews were legal dispute exists
  • Ordinance NO. 2-2019 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 13, Article 1 to provide an exemption to the Minturn Cemetery from the Town's exclusive authority to provide water distibution
  • Ordinance NO. 3-2019 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 13, Article 5 to redesignate a "Town of Minturn, Water & Sanitation Enterprise"
  • Ordinance NO. 4-2019 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 16, Article 5 to exempt existing sewage treatment system facilities
  • Ordinance NO. 5-2019 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 16, Article 25 and 23 to provide for consideration of financial, infrastructure and environmental impacts of proposed activities of state interest, and for reimbursement of Town costs
  • Ordinance NO. 6-2019 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 16, Article 1 for diconnecting land from the town
  • Ordinance NO.7-2019 -




  • Resolution NO. 1 - 2019 - A Resolution designating two public places within the Town of Minturn and the Town of Minturn Website for the posting of Public Notices and notices for Public Meetings of the Minturn Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission and other Boards, Commissions and Authorities of the Town of Minturn.
  • Resolution NO. 2 - 2019 - A Resolution adopting the 2018 Eagle County Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • Resolution NO. 3 - 2019 - A Resolution authorizing the Mayor of the Town of Minturn to sign and operations agreement with Eagle River Water and Sanitation
  • Resolution NO. 4 - 2019 - A Resolution to sign a letter of commitment for CDOT Alternatives Program Grant
  • Resolution NO. 14 - 2019 - A Resolution amending the Dowd Junction request for qualifications for development partner
  • Resolution NO. 15 - 2019 - A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign an amended agreement of intent with the US Forest Service for proposed conveyance of property
  • Resolution NO. 16 - 2019 - A Resolution allocating the 2019 Holy Cross Energy Community Enhancement Fund proceeds for the purpose of contributing to the south Minturn sidewalk project
  • Resolution NO. 18 - 2019 - A Resolution appointing Town Council members
  • Resolution NO. 17 - 2019 - A Resolution about execution of the Main Street pedestrain sidewalk and drainage project on HWY 24
  • Resolution NO. 19 - 2019 - A Resolution appointing Town Planning Commissioners
  • Resolution NO. 20 - 2019 - A Resolution in support of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation & Economy Act
  • Resolution NO. 21 - 2019 - A Resolution approving a conditional use application for CUP- 01-2019 for 82 Toledo Avenue
  • Resolution NO. 22 - 2019 - A Resolution setting policy and establishing a fee for cash in lieu of water rights dedication
  • Resolution NO. 24 - 2019 - A Resolution regarding Bolts Ditch and Colorado outdoor recreation and economy legislation H.R. 823
  • Resolution NO. 25 - 2019 - A Resolution to select and approve development partner for the Down Junction United States Forest Service Property as outlined in the request for qualification.
  • Resolution NO. 26 - 2019 - A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign an agreement for building inspection services with RG and Associates, LLC
  • Resolution NO. 27 - 2019 - A Resolution to amend the strategic plan for the period of 2018-2020 by adding the Town Mission Statement
  • Resolution NO. 28 - 2019 - A Resolution to approve additional funding for use by Ehlers Inc evaluate capital improvement options as pertains to water utilities and water rate structures
  • Resolution NO. 29 - 2019 - A Resolution supporting a great outdoors Colorado grant for development of Minturn bike path proposal
  • Resolution NO. 31 - 2019 - A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to accept the proposed water augmentation agreement between Martin and Wood water consultants
  • Resolution NO. 32 - 2019 - A Resolution providing direction to purchase and implement the Primayer Enigma3m Technology for use in Minturn's water distribution system



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