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Ordinances & Resolutions 2009


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  • Ordinance NO. 1-2009
    Authorizing the lease of real property for temporary storage of flatbed trailers.
  • Ordinance NO. 2-2009
    Amending Title 18 of the Minturn Municipal Town Code by adopting fire protection and emergency medical services impact fees for land development activities generating the need for additional fire protection or emergency medical services.
  • Ordinance NO. 3-2009
    An Ordinance repealing and re-enacting Chapter 6, Articles 1 through 5 of the Minturn Municipal Code establishing definitions and procedures for business licenses within the the Town of Minturn.
  • Ordinance NO. 4-2009
    An Ordinance amending Chapter 11 of the Minturn Municipal Code by the creation of a new section as it pertains to encroahments and obstructions.
  • Ordinance NO. 5-2009
    An Ordinance amending Chapter 1, Chapter 7 and Chapter 16 of the Minturn Municipal Code by repealing section 1-5-20 and repealing and re-enacting sections 1-5-10, 7-2-30, 7-2-40, 7-4-20, 16-1-20, 16-1-40, 16-1-50, and 16-1-9- to revise the procedures for nuisance enforcement and within the Town of Minturn.
  • Ordinance NO. 6-2009
    An Ordinance imposing a temporary moratorium on the submission, acceptance, processing, and approval of any application for a Town of Minturn permit or license related to the operation of a business that sells marijuana.
  • Ordinance NO. 7-2009
    An Ordinance amending Chapter 7 of the Minturn Municipal Code by the addition of the new sections 7-9-290 through 7-9-310 as it pertains to animal control in the Town of Minturn
  • Ordinance NO. 8-2009
    An Ordinance amending the 2009 Budget as set forth in the following exhibit "A" to authorize the necessary interfund transfers and recognizing additional general fund revenues...
  • Ordinance NO. 9-2009
    An Ordinance levying general property taxes for the year 2010, to meet general operating costs of government for the Town of Minturn for the 2010 Budget year.
  • Ordinance NO. 10-2009
    An Ordinance appropriating revenues, appropriating expenditures, approving transfers and adopting the Town of Minturn Budget.
  • Ordinance NO. 11-2009
    An Ordinance authorizing the mayor of the Town of Minturn to sign an intergovernmental service agreement between Eagle County Government and the Town of Minturn contracting for animal control services.





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