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Ordinances & Resolutions 2008


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  • Ordinance NO. 19 - 2008
    Amending the 2008 Budget
  • Ordinance NO. 20 - 2008
    Levying General Property Taxes for the Year 2009, To Meet General Operating Costs of Government for the Town of Minturn
  • Ordinance NO. 21 - 2008
    Appropriating Revenues, Expenditures, Approving Transfers and Adopting the Town of Minturn 2009 Budget
  • Ordinance NO. 25 - 2008
    Amending Chapter 10 of the Town of Minturn Municipal Code by Repealing and Re-enacting Section 10-10-20 as it pertains to Open Containers of Beer, Vinous or Spiritous Liquor Within the Town of Minturn
  • A Resolution NO. 55 - 2008
    Designating Areas for Hunting within the Battle Mountain Planned Unit Development
  • A Resolution NO. 56 - 2008
    Setting and Approving Fees for the Town of Minturn



Battle Mountain

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