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The prevention of crime is the primary goal of the Eagle County Sheriff's Office. Toward that end, we think it is important to provide citizens with safety tips and information so that they, too, can take a stand against crime. This section provides information for businesses and individuals. To obtain additional information, or to schedule a presentation for your business or organization, please contact the Eagle County Sheriff's Office.

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Minturn is a beautiful city and its location at the base of the foothills makes it a popular place for outdoor enthusiasts, both visitors and residents alike. Since the bike and pedestrian paths get a fair amount of use all year long, it is important for path and trail users to be knowledgeable about proper usage so that everyone who uses them can remain safe.

Rules for Multi-Use Paths and Trails

Ride – Skate – Walk

  • On the right
  • Single file
  • With the flow of traffic
  • Don’t block the trail – Groups should be in single file when other trail users are present and should never use more than one-half of the trail to allow for the flow of traffic.
  • Control your speed – Obey speed regulations. Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking other trail users.
  • Never spook animals
  • Leave no trace
  • Respect wildlife
  • Plan ahead
  • Stay on existing trails and don’t create any new ones.

Who Yields the Trail?

Before passing another trail user, be courteous and make your approach known. A friendly greeting, “Hello, passing on your left,” or ringing a bell is considerate.

  • Bicyclists, skaters, walkers and others yield to equestrians
  • Bicyclists and skaters yield to walkers
  • Bicyclists yield to skaters
  • Downhill users yield to uphill users
  • Faster users yield to slower users

Bicycling in Colorado

Rules of the Road
Bicyclists have all the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle and can be penalized for violating traffic laws.

  • Bicyclists must ride in the right lane, except when passing another vehicle, preparing for a left turn or avoiding hazards.
  • Always ride with the flow of traffic, never against it.
  • Ride on the paved shoulder whenever a paved shoulder suitable for bicycle riding is present. Bicyclists should ride single file.
  • Ride two abreast only when no motor vehicle traffic is approaching within 300 feet (front or rear) or when all cyclists are on the shoulder. On curving canyon roads, play it safe and ride single file.
  • Obey traffic laws, signs and signals. Use hand signals (left hand) to indicate left or right turns, slowing or stopping.
  • Use a headlight, taillight and reflectors at night and make eye contact with drivers,
  • Never assume motorists see you or that you have right-of-way. Expect the unexpected; your first responsibility is to avoid a crash.
  • Always wear a helmet

More information, including the complete Colorado Bicycling Manual, is available from the Colorado Department of Transportation.

10 Rules of the Road for Children

1) Obey the same traffic signs and symbols that cars obey
2) Never go so fast that you cannot turn or stop safely
3) Look left, right and left again for traffic before entering any roadway
4) Ride single file and to the right
5) Always stop at STOP signs and the curb
6) Keep your bike steady and ride in a straight line. Don’t clown around.
7) Always use hand signals when you stop or make a turn.
8) Always signal with your left hand.
9) Always brake before turning
10) Walk, don’t ride, across busy intersections.

More safety tips for children

  • Always wear a helmet when you ride
  • Always do a safety check before you ride. Be sure nothing on your bike is wobbly, loose, or cracked.
  • Never give anyone a ride on your handlebars.
  • Wear bright colors so you can be seen.
  • Be alert for things in your path.
  • Avoid riding at night. Walk your bike home or have someone pick you up instead.
  • Wear a strap or rubber band to keep your pants from getting caught in the bike chain.