Minturn's Mayors


Dates Name Major Accomplishments
1904 - 1912 Frank Steacy Adopted first charter and ordinances;
Built first school at 225 Pine St.
Buried in Minturn (1918)
1912 - 1914 Robert A. Bryant Laid first water lines;
1914 - 1929 C.A. Wilcox Laid first sidewalks; Electricity comes to town;
Cemetary Bridge condemned; town opposes proposed route of Highway 24 through town;
Sunday amusements (such as movies and dancing) prohibited
Buried in Minturn (1935)
1929 - 1932 Leon Clare Graham Cemetary Bridge and Eagle River Bridge completed
Died of accidental shooting; buried in Minturn (1938)
1932 - 1936 Chris Hick Community building plans drawn up
1936 - 1937 Katherine Mack Minturn joins Colorado Municipal League; streets repaired;
Taylor addition annexation first comes up but is dropped because of no cooperation from the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad
1937 - 1948 Harold Wister Built water tank on Nelson Avenue hillside, major improvements to the water system; Cinder block school at 302 Pine Street built
1948 - 1956 Lynn Walker Minturn enters into the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District;
major improvements to sewer lines
1956 - 1966 Harvey Cline Natural gas lines run throughout town; Town offices moved to old school at 243 Boulder Street; Television series filmed in town; New water tank built at Cross Creek
1966 - 1986 Harold Bellm Served longest term as mayor in Minturn history; town offices moved to cinder block building at 302 Pine Street; New wooden water lines
laid throughout town; Taylor Avenue is annexed; South Minturn annexed; Bellm Bridge built over Eagle River; upgrades to heat
and electrical in cinder block building
1986 - 1992 Darrell Wegert Home Rule adopted; first town manager hired; Planning and Zoning Commission created; Ironworks building receives approval
1992 - 1994 Ernie Chavez New water, sewer and gas lines laid along Pine Street; Television series filmed in town
1994 -1998 Michael Gallagher Hired second town manager; Partnered with Rocky Mountain Mutual
Housing for new town center complex; cinder block building condemned;
Town offices moved back to 243 Boulder Street
1998 - 2002 Gordon (Hawkeye) Flaherty Fired police chief; Hired third town manager; Built new town center;
Water tank on Nelson Ave. retired; New water system put in place
2002 - 2004 Earle Bidez Completed Eagle River restoration; Built new public works facility
2004 - 2015 Gordon (Hawkeye) Flaherty TBA
2015 - Present Matt Scherr TBA