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Bolts Lake Concept Development Plan Review Updates

The Minturn Town Council would like to keep everyone updated on the progress of the Bolts Lake Development


All are encouraged to view the Bolts Lake Concept Development Plan and the July 11 Town Planning Director Report. For more information, please contact Scot Hunn, Minturn Planning Director, at 970-827-5645 or

Minturn Planning Commission will review the conceptual development plan October 10, 2018 at the regularly scheduled meeting.


The Planning Commission is reviewing the Concept Development Plan for the Bolts Lake Planned Unit Development. Review by the Planning Commission started on July 11, 2018 and will continue at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission date to be determined. Additional meetings to review the conceptual plans may be scheduled. The Planning Commission meets at Town Hall, located at 302 Pine Street in Minturn. Click here for meeting times and agendas.

The concept plan review is the first stage in a three-part review process required to create a planned unit development (PUD) setting forth vested rights and controls on the type and timing of residential and commercial uses within a development. The purpose of the concept plan review stage is to allow the public and the Planning Commission the opportunity to provide input on the general concepts of the development proposal and to identify specific areas of concern, to recommend changes to the proposal, and to decide whether the proposal is generally consistent with adopted codes and master plan recommendations for growth and development. No formal decisions to approve or deny a project are made and no vested development rights are granted at this stage.

Following review of conceptual plans, the property owner is permitted to request Preliminary Plan for PUD review, when more detailed information, studies and designs will be required for review by the Planning Commission and the Town Council. This is also the stage when vested development rights are granted if approved by the Town Council.

The Bolts Lake Conceptual Development Plan was submitted to the Town of Minturn for review in June 2018 and proposes the phased development of up to seven hundred residential dwelling units of various types and sizes along with mixed or commercial uses including neighborhood commercial; open space and recreational amenities; a reservoir; and, related public infrastructure improvements such as roads, water and sewer lines, sidewalks, recreation paths and transit facilities on 562 acres located just south of Cross Creek along State Hwy. 24.

The Bolts Lake area was annexed into the Town of Minturn in 2008 as part of the Battle Mountain PUD project and is zoned PUD within the Bolts Lake Character Area Zone District. Previously approved plans for the property included a 750 unit luxury hotel and golf course resort facility. The current concept plan for the property is substantially different and will require the property owner, Battle North, LLC., to gain approval of a site-specific development plan via the PUD review process prior to any future development on the property. The subject property is the site of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund site associated with mining operations and any residential uses on the property will require further EPA-approved remediation activities.

During the PUD review process the public will be given ample opportunity to provide input during public hearings before the Planning Commission and the Town Council.



Dates & locations may be subject to change. Please check back often or stop by Town Hall for the most up to date information.

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