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Minturn Town Council meetings can be viewed on television or online.

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Ordinances & Resolutions 2018


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  • Resolution NO. 1 - 2018 - A Resolution designating two public places within the Town of Minturn and the Town of Minturn Website for the posting of Public Notices and notices for Public Meetings of the Minturn Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission and other Boards, Commissions and Authorities of the Town of Minturn.
  • Resolution NO. 2 - 2018 - A Resolution authorizing the continuation of vacancy on the Town Council until the regular municipal election of April 2018
  • Resolution NO. 3 - 2018 - A Resolution concerning banking practices for the Town of Minturn
  • Resolution NO. 4 - 2018 - A Resolution of intent to deliberate and designate areas and/or activities of state interest within the Town of Minturn



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