Mondays with the Mayor

Monday, July 24, 4PM- 6PM
Monkshood Cellars, 107 Williams St
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Minturn Town Council Meeting

Wednesday, August 2, 6:30PM
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Minturn Planning Commission Meeting

Wednesday, July 26, 6:30PM
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Minturn Drinking Water

2017 Consumer Confidence Report for Calendar Year 2016
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Petition Update

Through a combined effort with our local Sheriff Deputy Phillip Cusick, Town Council and Town Staff, we are submitting a request for the consolidation of speed zones throughout the 4.5 mile stretch of US HWY 24 in Minturn. Currently there are EIGHT different speed zones which cause confusion, frustration, safety and enforcement concerns. With the consolidation of these different zones many of the speeds through town will be reduced and enforcement will become more efficient. Updates will continue as we move forward in the process. Thanks for your support!

Michelle Metteer, CMC
Assistant Town Manager

Public Notice

Town of Minturn announce Street Cleaning Calendar
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Educational Scholarships

The Town of Minturn offers scholarships to qualifying students.
Deadline was March 31, 2017
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Battle Mountain Updates

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